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Issue Users can send messages before moving
Started by dwilson5817

If a user joins Survival or Creative and attempts to talk, they receive a message saying they must move before they can talk however the message is sent anyway.  This is most likely due to the fact DeluxeChat is handling server chat.

Appears to be fixed now - messages are now not sent until movement. Reopen if this is not solved.

Resolving and locking.

Tested this, still seems to be present.  Maybe get a few players to test it since it may be some heightened permissions on my end?

I tested with Citizen so it's probably there for either ranks above that or for people who have had staff ranks previously

Tested with another account (not my own) which has never been promoted/oped etc. and the message is still sent, but even more strangely, there is no "Sorry, but you have..." message.

Bumping this to the top of the forum as it appears to have become buried.