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How to Keep the Economy Under Control

 Started by Zxyr

These are ideas.
They are designed to be standalone, i.e. not all of these would be on the server.

Set a maximum balance, ex $500,000

Pros - the economy won't grow out of control
Cons - it may stagnate once everyone stops making money; people would want money less

Tax everyone, ex 10% of their balance weekly

Pros - economy is managed and it's fair for every player
Cons - may be tedious / difficult to do

Tax the top 1-3 players on baltop 20% of their balance weekly

Pros - economy is managed 
Cons - may be difficult to do; may seem "unfair"

Set a maximum balance and convert all money that goes over said balance to claim blocks

Pros - economy is managed and players still get rewarded
Cons - economy will stagnate

No one player can have a balance greater than 50% the server balance

Pros - no one "owns" the economy; the economy can grow at a reasonable rate; players can still make money but if they get too rich they must earn it slowly
Cons - may not be possible


By Zxyr, over 3 years ago

I don't liek the money cap, but maybe taxes? Absolutly! Maybe get taxed 3-10% per hour of play time. Not per week as some players may not get on much. I would be mad if all my money was gone when I logged back in after taking a brake.

Also let the players pay for more claim blocks at like $1,000 a block. But if you do that you should greatly reduce the claims gained per hour.

By lela_null, over 3 years ago

Lela, 3-10% per hour is harsh
(10% per hour) x (a very low guess for hours per week 7) would take off 53% of a person's balance each week instead of 10%. 
This would leave an average $10,000 player with $4,782 at the end of a week instead of $9,000 if we removed 10% each week
(3% per hour) x (7 hours per week) would take off 19.3% of a person's balance each week instead of 10%.
This would leave an average $10,000 player with $8,080 at the end of a week instead of $9,000 if we removed 10% each week
While I do like the idea of taxing based on time, we do not want to take money so fast that active players cannot recuperate.

$1,000 per claim block & reduced claims gained per hour would suck the economy dry
The average player could buy 10 blocks of land before going broke which is not enough to meet the minimum size of a claim
Reducing claims after this would be cruel 

By Zxyr, over 3 years ago

    I was not being realistic, if you would like I could get out my calculator? These were suggestion nore than exact figures, I would honestly like there server to "understand" property value, but that would involve a complex system of plugins. For example, every 24 hours the server would calculate hos much a claim block is worth baised on how many were bought and how much the server's total and average values and prices. Then adjust the price per block so that the average player could buy say 100 more blocks for half their money. This is closer to how real world money works.

    And as far as the taxes work. Maybe a player will get taxed baised on many criteria (like the real world). For example, you will get taxed 1% for every 1000 blocks you own every culimitive day you play on the server. But wait... there's more. If you are a player like me and have not used about 3k claims. And just keep building up and down to prevent this. I got you fam. At the same time (every cumlitive 24 hours on the server) you get taxed 3%.

    That's not fair to a new player! I got you too! All players start off with a -24h server play time. This means that they will not be taxed on the first 24h.
    After the player gets 24 hours of play time the server will either reset their time or only look for the time 23h 59m 59s if the day count is greater than 0.

I don't think there is a way to tell my playtime currently. Let's assume that I have played for about 1 days 23 hours 23 minuts and 13 seconds for extreame accracy!
Now I will try to give a realistic example, I will even use myself with my real game stats:
I have 1 claim extending 5135 blocks
I have $39,611 in my bank
Assuming this the math should be easy(ish).
5135 / 1000 = 5.135% (no rounding)
So on my next day I will lost 5.135 + 1 = 6.135% of my current money in taxes
39,611 * 0.06135 = $2,430.13 lost in taxes
bringing my total to $37180.90 on my next full day if I do nothing for 36ish minutes

    Now I decide I want to play on another server for about 3 months, using this method, since I'm not playing anymore I will not be taxed during my absence. So when I come back I can pick up where I left off.

    "I don't know about that Lèla, that sounds complicated, and could be full of bugs."
    Probably, and I'm not even sure if that plugin exists, I don't know how to hook or even make a plugin that complex, I'm sure Dylan doesn't want to make it either.

    "Do you have an alternitive solution?"
    Yes! you can let players use /repair and have that charge the player. Yup, give the players more minor services and have them charged for them.

By lela_null, over 3 years ago

I'm going to lock this as we have recently added the ability to purchase additonal chunks which I feel will help to keep the enonomy under control.  I'll reopen this thread if in the future it does get out of control (or Zxy can if he considers it to be out of control).


(@Zxyr: reopen if you feel this is not appropriate)

By dwilson5817, over 3 years ago x 1