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Players have reported not having access to /kit goldenshovel

 Started by Zxyr

This kit is intended for public use but only staff have access

By Zxyr, over 3 years ago

Wait... that's a thing?

By lela_null, over 3 years ago

It is a thing but at the moment only staff have access. This is not intended.

By Zxyr, over 3 years ago

Can't confirm this.  Tryed on another (Citizen) account and I could use the command /kit goldenshovel, tryed on both Survival and Creative (though, kind of useless).  I also confirmed Citizen+ permissions include the permission node for the kit.

Need more information about this.

By dwilson5817, over 3 years ago

Players reported not having access but I guess either they ran the wrong command or access was fixed.
Marking as resolved and locking.

By Zxyr, over 3 years ago x 1