Hello!  Welcome to the MinersRealm store.  Here you can purchase MinersRealm Premium for a duration that suits you.

To begin, select the "Premium" tab above and select the subscription duration you would like! 
What's MinersRealm Premium?

With MinersRealm Premium you can:
  • add colour to your messages and signs
  • choose a pet which will follow you about
  • buy and launch fireworks across the network
  • use the item you are hold as a hat
  • fly, use gadgets and particles on our Hub server
  • finally, you'll be supporting the upkeep of MinersRealm
We have taken special care to ensure that all perks of MinersRealm Premium comply with Mojang's end user license agreement (EULA) for Minecraft.

You will receive Premium within 10 minutes of your purchase (although this is usually instant).