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GUI Shop

 Started by Zxyr

It would allow players to spend the money they accumulate for twice the /sell hand price
And would hopefully include more items to buy / sell than /sell hand (maybe we would get rid of the /sell command if we had a gui shop)

By Zxyr, over 2 years ago

Something like this? I have thought that this would be a very good idea from the beginning. What if I want something super rare? If I have enough money I want to buy it.

By lela_null, over 2 years ago

Yeah that looks good Lela, and it's vault compatible which is awesome

By Zxyr, over 2 years ago

This is in progress, working on getting this implmented.

By dwilson5817, over 2 years ago

This has been completed.

Use /bs survivalShop in Survival to access the shop.

By dwilson5817, about 1 year ago