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Welcome to 2017
Started by dwilson5817


This is my first post in a while.  I thought I would post a small update on everything that will be happening over the next few months but first – a (slightly late) happy new year and welcome to 2017!  Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas too.

I’ve gone very quiet recently as between one thing and another, it’s been hard to get online and find the time to balance everything – particularly with college.  However, I aim to be more active now and work on the server significantly more as I’ve now got more time in the coming months as assignments ease (less than the pre-Christmas rush anyway).  That said however, I would expect to need to take a break from the server just before the beginning of summer again to work more of finishing assignments but we can worry about that closer to the time.

Player count also seems to have dropped and interest in the sever seems to be less than what it was before – that’s okay, the server hasn’t had much love in a few months now and it gets boring player a server by yourself.  We aim to work on improving the server over the month of January and in February, we aim to push to increase player count.

I also wanted to bring to your attention the server move which happened just after the new year.  In a nutshell, we felt it would be best to move the location of the server from Europe (France, to be specific) to Canada simply based on the geographic location of our users as we’ve noticed much of our users connect from North or South America and as such we’ve moved accordingly.

Alongside the move, we’ve also updated all servers to Minecraft 1.11.2.  There was only one issue with the upgrade – our nicknaming plugin.  The plugin we use to provide nicknames has not yet been upgraded to 1.11.2 and as such it has been disabled.  This has presented one major issue – player names are not displaying properly as the placeholder for player names is obviously not being replaced with the correct nickname.  This is something I am working on – should an update not be available within the coming days, we may need to disable nicknames temporarily while we wait for an update.

One last, more exciting update – our webstore will so be hosting freebies which can be redeemed once per day, this may include in-game items, money or tokens.  We are looking forward to this and we will update you when these are available.  Additionally, please note our webstore has changed addresses to https://minersrealm.buycraft.net/.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for reading!