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MinersRealm is now running 1.15.2!
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Bumping this to the top of the forum as it appears to have become buried.
2 months ago

Another update to this.  The website software has now been updated and an improved, custom store page is now available.
2 months ago

This issue is fixed, outgoing emails are now sending correctly.  Additionally, outgoing emails are now signed with DKIM to reduce risk of messages being delivered to spam folder.
2 months ago

An issue where emails (such as forgot password requests) are not delivered has been identified.  I am working on this issue now.
2 months ago

Hi all, This is just a quick message to say that this is the first annoucement which will also be posted to our Discord server using a Discord webhook.  This will allow those who don't use our website to see when a new announcement is posted. If you haven't already, you can join our Discord server at Thanks!
about 1 year ago